Pablo Leguizamón
Founder Partner

In 2005, after he graduated at the National University of Rosario, Pablo founded Studio-Duv to assist both individuals and businesses by offering high quality designs for public, commercial and private spaces. Since then, Studio-Duv has participated in several open competitions, and has won numerous awards at the national level. At the same time, Pablo worked on various projects of different scales and scope around the world. He believes that the best design originates through the merger of approaches between the architect, the client and the consultants. Collaboration and communication between all project stakeholders is a key element to generate optimal results, and as passionate about his profession as Pablo is, he is always trying to face new challenges and exchange ideas and views with other professionals in architecture related fields.

Concurrently with his work at Studio-Duv, in early 2012 he became the Director of Architecture FOR Verde-Lux (Orlando, Florida - USA), where he is in charge of urban and entertainment design developments with a high level of commitment to excellence in the natural yet sophisticated evolution of architectural design.

Fernando Farré
Bachelor of Visual Communication
Visual Communication
Media and Marketing Expert

After graduating in Visual Communication at the American University in Rosario, Argentina, he specialized in Multimedia Communication at Maimonides University of Buenos Aires. Fernando worked on several projects developing architectural renderings, computer graphics, videos and 2-D and 3-D animations. In 2012, Fernando joined Studio-Duv, where he became a key member of its International Multidisciplinary Team. He works closely with customers, architects, designers and consultants in the development of projects and communication strategies. In addition, his natural curiosity, enthusiasm and energy has helped him develop a unique talent to find and explore new horizons of possibilities for Studio-Duv.

Combining his responsibilities at Studio-Duv, Fernando is also the Director of Visual and Media Production for Verde-Lux (Orlando, Florida - USA), with which he started collaborating in early 2006, and where he is now in charge of all visual and media aspects of design developments and project presentations.

MEXICO & USA MANAGER: Paula Maffei Richardson Architect.

ASSOCIATED since 2005:
ARGENTINA: Gretel Clausen. Ana Klotzman. Pablo Makler. Gabriel Makler. Diego Cipolatti. Fernando Tettamanti. Franco Piccini. Marianela Motkoski.
COLOMBIA: Alejandro Martínez Duque
SPAIN: Gustavo Romera Clavero
USA-TAIWAN: Jeff Hsiao

PARTNERSHIP since 2005:
ARGENTINA: Luciana Scarfó. Laura Samiter. Nicolas Schiavo. Fernando Tettamanti. Maria Celeste Singerman. Carlos Cepero. Cecilia Lopez. Martina Borsani. Gabriel Stivala. Pablo Taberna. Pablo Pecora.

ADVISORY since 2005:
Dr.Eduardo Sixto Leguizamón

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